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Hostile Termination/Layoff

Need to terminate a threatening or possibly violent employee? Having a reduction in force event? Don't wait until things go bad. Let GT Security Solutions help prevent possible losses and liability. 

Workplace Threats

Has an employee threatened violence towards another employee or management? Has an individual threatened you or your family? The risk of injury and loss aren't something to gamble on.ned and experienced security personnel as your first line of defense against any possible threat. We value our responsibility to protect you, as well as your family and property, from immediate, present, and potential dangers. 

High value courier/escort

Need a courier team to pick up or deliver high value items? Or how about an escort while you transport your valuables? Let our experienced transporters insure that your valuables arrives safely.  

Uniform corporate security

In addition to plain clothes we also offer uniform security in times where an increased presence is needed as a deterrent in addition to protection. 

Visitor accountability

With our cutting edge technology we offer you will have peace of mind knowing that every visitor in your corporate building is accounted for and screened.