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Corporate Security

GT Security Solutions can provide low profile security agents to help minimize the potential risks while not disrupting your workplace. We achieve this by providing agents that will seamlessly integrate into your day to day operations.

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Strategic Response Unit

GT Security Solutions Strategic Response Unit (SRU) works specialized assignments for high risk situations. SRU team members conduct over 400 hours per year of training and must qualify at the range with much higher standards than the state minimum.

  • Fugitive operations

  • Search and Rescue

  • High value courier

  • Disaster extractions

  • Short-term high-risk security

Estate and residential security

Estate and residential security is a service we offer to high net worth (HNW) and ultra high net worth (UHNW) clients. We customize a security and protection plan according to your needs with an often blended approach from our executive protection agents.

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Security Consultant

Security Consulting

We design a customized solution that best meets your needs and move your organization away from current risks, but also to take action with operationalizing strategies from enterprise to site-level tactical operations. We break down your risks to inform strategic and tactical decisions that will support your business. 

  • Corporate risk assessments and consulting

  • Vulnerability and risk assessments

  • Residence assessments

  • Travel assessments

  • and more...

High Risk Termination Security

If the employee being terminated has previously issued threats of violence, a protection team of security professionals in plain clothes should be available during the termination. They should also remain onsite for a reasonable period of time to ensure that the individual does not return.

We can embed our plain clothes security professionals into your workplace to make sure your personnel and property are safe.


Give peace of mind because the office will remain uninterrupted during business and reduce the potential employer liability.

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Executive protection agents standing by car.

Executive Protection

Planning, designing and implementing highly customized executive protective services demands an approach that respects the goals, preferences, lifestyle and privacy of the executives and individuals afforded protection.

With our Executive Protection services we protect:





Elected Officials

and more...

Emergency/Disaster Response

Protective security teams can be activated to travel into regions affected by disaster or attack to:

  • Protect client personnel

  • Help secure client businesses or recovery assets

  • Establish a mobile command post

  • Provide an incident management team to support our emergency management operations


Our security experts are hand-picked, active or retired members of military, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies. These security professionals deploy to affected regions to:

  • Assess the state of security and safety at designated client locations

  • Identify ingress and egress routes

  • Provide and coordinate critical supplies including fuel and food

  • Implement contingency plans to evacuate people as requested


GT Security Solutions teams are completely self sufficient and can rapidly deploy anywhere in Texas and Louisiana. GT Security Solutions also has strong affiliations with companies to cover Florida, Georgia and North Carolina.

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